Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tony One Week DEFENDS E-Money, says fellow Igbo man behind his ordeal

Tony One Week has taking to social media to react to the invitation of E-Money by the police and withdrawal of his escorts. Writing on Facebook Tony One Week wondered why a man's poverty is never investigated and concluded by saying, it is sad that it is a fellow Igbo man like E-Money who is trying to bring him down. Tony wrote;

Nigeria sef. When E-Money and his elder brother Kaycee Limpopo were in the street, police didn't investigate him oooo. Now he is rich, they want to investigate his wealth. Like my brother OC Emcee said: "Nobody investigates ur poverty".

I am happy that E-Money has the "required" Goodwill that set him free (within a few hours) from this aborted embarrassment.
Emeka is a good man. He is different, benevolent and very humble. Some Igbos do not love themselves shaa. Sad to note that E-Money's travail was championed by a fellow Igbo man.
- Entertainer Tony One week''