Watch the heart stopping moment driver is almost crushed by his car in freak accident


A South Carolina man was almost crushed by a massive SUV after he was thrown from the vehicle as it flipped three times.

The car crashed into the yard of Kevin and Bonnie Siembieda around 2am in Hanahan, in late April.

Newly released Ring doorbell footage captured the moment the SUV takes a sharp turn onto Murray Drive and slides past a fire hydrant.

Then, the vehicle careens off the road, busts through the family’s fence and flips three times.

Halfway through the third flip, an unidentified passenger is thrown from the car and lands on his back. 

The SUV quickly follows and appears to land just above the man. He was just inches away from being mangled by the heavy vehicle.

After a moment of shock, the other passengers exit the smoking car and aid their friend. Two neighbors also left their homes to help.

The man is seen moving while on the ground. It’s unclear the extent of his injuries.

The car was reportedly driving above the 35mph speed limit.

Now, the Siembieda family is urging local officials to crack down on speeding after a number of wrecks have happened near their lawn.

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