Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Nigeria wanted to take our land forcibly - Ghanaian monarch

A Ghanaian monarch says the Nigerian high commission in the country was aiding a businessman to forcibly take over the plot of land belonging to his people.

Joy News, a Ghanaian platform, quoted Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI, paramount chief of Osu traditional area, as saying the land is different from the one being occupied by the high commission.

The staff quarters of the high commission which is still under construction was demolished by armed men.

While the federal government called for urgent action against the perpetrators, the Ghanaian government said it was investigating the incident.

The traditional ruler said the Nigerian high commission trespassed on the plot of land which he said belongs to the Osu stool.

He said they also gathered that the ongoing structure is “planned entertainment complex to be used as an events centre for commercial purposes” and not staff quarters as was reported.

“It came to the attention of the Osu Stool that the original building on the parcel of land was demolished and, in its place, a new structure was being erected,” he reportedly said in a statement.

“Osu Stool was informed that the structure was being erected by a Nigerian business person with the aid of the Nigerian High Commission and was forcibly trying to take over the said parcel of land.

“The Stool has a high level of respect for foreign missions and has therefore on several occasions verbally informed the unidentified trespasser of the ownership status of the land through the security personnel resident on the parcel of land.”

The monarch added that the “trespasser” was invited for discussion on the ownership of the land but the “trespasser has openly and with impunity disrespected the paramount Chief of the Osu Traditional Area, Stool Lands Authority and the Traditional Council of Elders by its attendant behaviour.”

“Forceful acquisition of these lands by trespassers who hide behind foreign offices and political influence should desist from doing so,” he said.


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  2. This is wrong if it is true. Nigerians are so corrupt

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