Saturday, June 27, 2020

House of reps aspirant, Rotimi Ajanaku mourns Abiola Ajimobi

House of reps aspirant and the Asiwaju Odo O'odua of Yoruba Land, Rotimi Ajanaku, a close ally of the late politician has mourned his sudden demise.

The APC Chieftain in a statement said his contributions to Oyo state politics will forever be remembered as he says his death is an irreparable loss to the nation and a personal loss to him.

He described him as a great man blessed with mental cleverness, a superb sense of humour and charisma. His  statement...

“I’m deeply anguished by the demise of our extremely valued political leader, a seasoned political brain, sharp mind, astute strategist, exemplary parliamentarian, exceptional communicator and outstanding governor after much battling to return to life within the short time he contracted the terrible virus.

“We have lost a great man blessed with mental cleverness, a superb sense of humour and charisma. He was a proficient administrator by profession and an efficient politician by passion.

“He made Oyo polity better and I am honoured to have been in the same party with him. We have today lost a Tiger of democracy and a powerful ally in the fight for the soul of our dear Pacesetter’s state.”

“His contributions to Oyo state polity will forever be remembered. His death is an irreparable loss to the nation and a personal loss to me. A distinguished governor, who contributed immensely to nation-building.

“A great security chief, who ran the state peacefully for eight years, a feat that would not be easy for any one to equal. Every of his projects were outstanding including, Oyo State Technical University, restoration bridge, Eleyele-Dugbe expressway and other great road throughout the state. It was in Ajimobi’s tenure that flood became thing of the past in Oyo State.

“In his days Ajimobi always admitted quickly his wrong doings and apologised, this distanced him from other political leaders. So, picking quarrel with his way, manner and style of approach in addressing people was a great mistake and our unfairness to him.

“Instead, we ought to have applauded him for being a true son, an epitome of a warlords that Ibadan represents. An outstanding unassuming son of Oduduwa, who didn’t care of attacks from people just to make the state great.

“He was a soul of the APC caucus in the state, a dignified leader with a voice that could move mountains, he had solution to nearly every problem. Oyo APC will be guided by his powerful memory and incomparable legacy.

“We will always feel the vacuum, his lasting contributions to the making of the new and modern Ibadan city, likewise landmarks road networks in other major cities in Oyo State shall remain feats to be beaten by any governor after him,” Asiwaju eulogized.

Conclusively, Ajanaku prayed for the departed former governor, Ajimobi’s soul and his family.

“On behalf of myself, family and political associates, we offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of our great leader in this time of deep grief. I pray God Almighty to grant him eternal rest. I’ll miss our discussions, on politics as much,” he said.