Friday, June 5, 2020

Hugh Jackman slammed on Instagram and loses followers after sharing picture of a policeman hugging a protester

Hugh Jackman has been slammed by fans for sharing a photo of a protestor hugging an officer following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

The actor, 52, posted the picture, taken during the Black Lives Matter protests, to his Twitter page and captioned the post: 'Solidarity'.

Fans immediately hit out at Hugh, claiming he should be sharing pictures of police brutality during the riots instead, and also criticised the star for saying it represents unity.

'This is so disappointing. You're helping to spread propaganda. If you want to share something, there's plenty of images and videos of protests from around the world that don't include PR opportunities for police officers,' one person tweeted.

'Jesus Christ, someone show me one celebrity that isn't a disappointment,' another commented.

One wrote: 'I'm sorry but you can't post that if you aren't also sharing the videos of police brutality! The news is doing enough of sharing this bullsh*t instead of what's actually going on. Peaceful protestors being attacked for no reason by the cops who are supposed to keep them safe.'

'That's going to be an unfollow from me man,' one person said. 'Wait until you see a picture of the cop tear gassing the protestor right after,' another commented.

But some fans praised Hugh for sharing the photo, with one writing: 'Solidarity the way it should be. I support you. Stay safe.'

'Finally a message from a celebrity I can respect,' another person said.

Protests and riots have erupted across the U.S. after George Floyd, an unarmed black man, died in Minneapolis last Monday when a white cop pressed his knee against his neck for eight minutes.


  1. I applaud the efforts of the "black protesters" to call out for change. It is obvious the unnecessary violence and insensitivity displayed by some police officers when people are suffering and facing their own potential (and in a number of cases, actual) deaths. I support all black people wholeheartedly in their cause for social justice and equality.

    At the same time, I have the imagination to think on both sides of the debate. t realise that a lot of police officers have there own form of coping strategies in handling many difficult circumstances and their colleagues, when they are young, look at it and accept it or there will be consequences. The police are just as scared of being killed as black people, they just don't want to show it.

    I think those who understand the violence is wrong just need the support of everyone in the community and to seek change together. That is probably why the actor did what he did.

  2. If you have to share a hugging photo, you have to share the one showing brutality too

  3. If you have to share a hugging photo, you have to share the one showing brutality too