Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Lady accuses D'banj of r.a.p.e

A lady with the twitter handle, @seyitannn_ has accused Dbanj of raping her at an hotel in Lagos, in 2018.

When the #wearetired  started trending and people started speaking about their r3pe experiences. Seyitan two days ago warned that a particular celebrity should not lend his voice, else she will ask him to TAKE IT DOWN.

''Your favorite celebrity is a rapist that’s why he can’t join the campaign !!!, he tweet read two days ago.

''I’m just waiting for your favorite celebrity to post anything about ‘RAPE’ so I can tell him to take it down!!!, another tweet from her read same day.

Now this evening, we don;t know how Dbanj triggered her, because nothing on his twitter page, showed he his campaigning against r3pe. But Seyitan came all out ;exposing' him.

Her tweets;

''I was invited for an all white party at Eko Atlantic(splash off)which was an all night party on the 30th of December 2018, by franklin Dbanj ex manager at that time and I went with my friend then named Laide.

''When I got to the party I met a girl at the party named Oyin,who was with a guy who happens to be Dbanj’s friend. she asked who I came with I told her the person I came with already left.

''When I was leaving oyin and I exchanged number and she asked where I was lodged I told her Glee hotel in VI, and she said it was the same hotel she was lodged and I asked her  if she could drop me off she said that wasn’t a problem.

''On getting to the hotel,Oyin called me when I got to my room. and told me dbanj saw me at the party and he wanted to be with me for the night and I was offered a sum of money but i bluntly refused because I wasn’t interested.

''So I slept off within 5/6am and pls note (I’m a naked sleeper) and woke up and found Dbanj in my room already,and I asked him what he was doing in my room he didn’t say a word and *asked if I was a baby* and started fingering me,

''I went ahead to  threaten him that I was going to shout he said if i shout I’ll leave the hotel naked, Dbanj raped me .

''when he left and I got to see he came in with an extra key (card) and I later found out that Dbanj lodged all his staffs in the hotel..Then I called my supposed friend Oyin who I saw at the party if she planned with Dbanj she said No.

''She came downstairs to meet me where I was crying. She asked us to go upstairs to meet her guy who was Dbanj’s friend.  when I got there the guy was disappointed and begged me to keep quiet and promised me Dbanj will call me and apologize.

''And he gave my friend 100dollars to give me to take medication.

''I’m so livid and mad seeing a rapist being an advocate for rape. This is my story and I know there are lots of girls who can’t come out to say their story. Don’t be ashamed to say your story it took me 2 years to write my Rape story #wearetired.

''Till today he hasn’t uttered even a word of apology.


  1. Ah ah this o e get as e be o.

  2. I am waiting for don jazzy's own

  3. Strong woman. God will heal your broken heart. Will dbanj be arrested or the police will look away