Saturday, June 27, 2020

Meet the Designer clothing the High and Mighty in Nigeria for donkey years - Vivid Imagination [photos]

This is Vivid Imagination. We grew up hearing musicians sing his praises. With very little advert and none in the last years, Vivid Imagination has stayed on top of the fashion game clothing top Nigerians, raging from Government officials, high profile personalities, corporate big boys, celebrities and more.

He went to visit Dele Momodu alongside another friend, Mike Effiong and Uncle Dele proudly shared photos of them saying '' My own designer since 1991''.

Good to see his FACE!!! The almighty Vivid Imagination that has not been advertising and has all the top names as clients 😄😄.


  1. He looks good

  2. I have heard about him before

  3. I have heard about him before

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