Monday, June 22, 2020

Meet youthful 44-year old woman who says she's often mistaken for a teenager [photos]

Mum-of-two Nicki Rodriguez is used to people starting conversations with her by saying 'you're so attractive'.

The 44-year-old, from Brentwood, Essex, says she is regularly mistaken for her daughter's SISTER - despite being 27 years her senior.

And she attributes her slim size 6-8 frame to her fast metabolism, adding people often ask her if she has an eating disorder.

But comments like this really annoy her, and Nicki says she would NEVER ask someone why they were overweight.

She wonders if their behaviour comes from jealousy, explaining friends have said her slim frame - which she compares to Kylie Minogue's - could spark annoyance among others.

Now she shares her story with Fabulous:

When I was given a bright pink corseted dress for my birthday two weeks ago my boyfriend Ray, 47, banned me from wearing it out with him.

Not because he hated it but because he said I looked so young in it, people would think I was his daughter.

'Don't you dare wear it out with me,' he teased.

'People will think I'm a dad of four.'

For reference Ray's kids are 11, 10 and seven - but even so (and despite me just turning 44) I share clothes with them.

I'm a skinny size 6-8 and all my life I've experienced size envy.

Last year I went on a girls' holiday to Ayia Napa, Cyprus, with my mate who's 49 but also look way younger.

The place was crowded with people in their late teens and early 20s and we were double their age.

But, hilariously, they didn't realise and thought we were in our late 20s.

Boys would try and chat us up and we would tell them 'no thanks - we're old enough to be your mums.'

We were only there to relax and get a tan.

But it was great being able to get into clubs with age restrictions on - the bouncers believed we were in the 18 to 30 category and we wanted to go clubbing because we're all young at heart.

However, while looking great and being slim is brilliant (I have size three/four shoes so buy kids ones and don't pay tax) it also has its downsides.

While my mates call me Polly Pocket and Ray loves my petite frame, people can be really rude. I often get stopped by people I know and asked 'Do you ever put on weight?'

They wonder if I eat enough or have an eating disorder too.


  1. She doesn’t look so young to me. Maybe the pics don’t do her justice!

    1. She is seeing doublešŸ¤£

    2. God bless you, my thoughts exactly

  2. Not really young