Moment tourists got terrified as elephants charge at their car


Tourists were left terrified as two wild elephants charged at their jeep on a safari in Sri Lanka.

The incident happened at the Minneriya National Park in North Central Province on June 4.

A group of safari-goers were travelling through the park when they noticed a herd of wild elephants in the distance, reports say.

Without warning, two of the elephants leave the herd and suddenly charge at the 4×4 through the twilight, causing panic amongst its passengers.

The bumpy video shows the pair charging at the jeep while a passenger records the whole incident from the vehicle.

A woman’s scream can be heard on the clip, before nervous laughter from others as it becomes clear the wild animals are backing off.

It is not clear exactly what prompted the elephants to charge, but the herd could have been spooked by the safari vehicle.

Thankfully the jeep managed to evade the elephants by accelerating away faster than the elephants could run.


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