Thursday, June 11, 2020

No one is clean, pray for Hushpuppi, Terry G begs Nigerians

Music producer and singer, Gabriel Oche Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G has asked Nigerians to urgently pray for Hushpuppi saying no one is clean.

Though the news is yet to be properly confirmed, however a lot of people in his circle have confirmed it.

Asking for prayers for the social media sensation, Terry G wrote;

"None of us is clean nor perfect, all we pray is for God to bo our asiri… pray for him."

He has however taking down the post. See it below...


  1. We are not all fraudsters. He might also be a fraudster who knows

  2. Which one is no one is clean. Going into deliberate fraud and you say no one is clean. Very foolish talk.

  3. He will soon be released

  4. Fuck you Terry G. Ladun and others have been hustling legit hustle for years yet you say nobody Holy pass?

    These criminals be oppressing people n putting pressure on them to meet up to the jones's. Now you want us to pray. That madness that you always sing about is starting to worry you. -Newyorker

  5. Let him fry! 40 years or more. Awon omo ole!