Prisoners show off hoards of treats and Amazon deliveries they enjoy behind bars


Prisoners at an English jail have been boasting about the stockpile of food, drinks and electronic devices they have managed to hoard behind bars, it has been reported.

Lags at HM Prison Gartree, Leicestershire, have been using social media to share photos of their cells featuring cereal packs, biscuits, shower products and magazines, Mirror reports.

Other images show televisions, games consoles, and sound systems – with inmates bragging about placing orders from Argos.

Images shared on Facebook, via mobile phones, show shelves and surfaces with products stacked on top of each other in them.

Mirror claims images shared by an inmate offer a look into an unexpectedly luxurious world of life behind bars.

The inmate they spoke to claimed he used money from family and friends to buy products and equipment that he stocked in his cell.

He claimed to have electronic devices including a speaker from high street chain Argos – and claimed to even have an Xbox, which retail at over £200.

Prisoners can earn privileges which can be used to buy products from Argos as well as online retail giant Amazon.

Goods can be sleeved from a list of 1,000 items which have been approved by the National Offenders Management Service.

While it is not illegal for inmates to receive or spend money, some officers have been shocked at the treats that some have acquired.

One officer told Sunday Mirror: “Most inmates have extra bits and pieces in their cell but it depends on the nature of the inmate and what regime they are on.

“Prisoners will trade just about anything they can get their hands on, but life is getting too comfortable.

“Some inmates watch TV or play computer games all day. While some have access to money and outside help, others don’t and it can cause conflict.”

While a Prison Service spokesman told the publication: “We apply common sense to what prisoners can buy and keep in their cells.”

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