Saturday, July 25, 2020

31-year old mother and her daughters aged 2 and 4 are found dead in an SUV 24hours they went missing on their way to a play date

A Texas mother and her two young daughters who vanished Wednesday on their way to a play date have been found dead, police have revealed.

The bodies of Natalie Chambers, 31, and her daughters Isabel, 4, and Elise, 2, were tragically found by police just after 10am Thursday inside a blue 2008 Ford Escape in the Farmers Branch, Dallas.

The Kauffman County Sheriff's Office has not yet confirmed how the mother and her children died, or what led to their disappearance.

Chambers and her girls were last seen alive around 8am on Wednesday when they left their home in Forney to attend a park playdate with friend in Grapevine, but failed to show.

In the hours that followed, after friends and family of Chambers failed to get a hold of her, a missing persons report was filed with the sheriff's office at 2:30pm Wednesday.

Investigators pinged Chamber's cellphone, which traced to the intersection of I-635 and Midway Road near the Dallas and Farmers Branch city limits.

Her car was later found in the area on Thursday morning in a parking lot near Freed's Furniture, which is situated close to the highway.

The Farmers Branch Police Department is investigating the deaths and awaiting autopsy results.

'At approximately 10.11am Farmers Branch Police Officers were dispatched to the area of 13300 Midway Road at the request of the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office to assist in attempting to locate a missing person, Natalie Chambers, and her two children ages two and four,' Detective Steven Rutherford told

'Upon arrival at the location, responding officers located Chambers' vehicle, blue 2008 Ford Escape, in the parking lot of 4300 LBJ Freeway. Officers approached the vehicle and discovered that the three occupants of the vehicle were deceased.

Investigators are working to subpoena cell records to yield any additional information that may help to explain the reason for their disappearance and deaths.

No suspects were identified as of Thursday afternoon, Rutherford said. He was unable to confirm what condition the bodies were in, pending an investigation from the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office.

Rutherford told the Star-Telegram this case has been 'devastating' for the department and especially the officers who found the family.

'This morning's very, very tragic events where we've lost three precious lives ... officers have to respond to that situation. That's a lot. That's a lot to see that,' he said.

'But we do have a job to do. You do your job and then you have to move forward. And we'll check on our guys and make sure everybody's OK.'

Police remain at the scene of where the bodies were found as an investigation continues.

A white forensics tent has been erected in the parking lot next the Chamber's car, footage shot by WFAA shows.

Concerned family members had taken to social media in a desperate attempt to locate Chambers and her daughters.

'My sister Natalie Chambers and her two daughters Izabel and Elise have been missing since around 8am this morning. If you or anyone you know has heard from them or seen them, please contact me immediately,' her sister, Jessica Purcell, wrote on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.

In the hours since the news of her death was made public, Purcell remembered her sister as 'hilarious and charismatic and never met a stranger.'

'She fiercely loved her girls and was an inspirational mother. I always used to tell her I'm glad she did it (motherhood) first so I can steal parenting tips from her,' Purcell told CBS Dallas.

'Izabel and Elise were happy and so very smart and witty. Izabel got that her mom's sassiness and Elise got her humor. They were beautiful and perfect. Our hearts are completely shattered.'

Posts to Chambers' Facebook page indicate that she married Corey Chambers, 37, in 2017. It's unclear if they couple were still together at the time of her death.

A caption displayed underneath her profile picture reads: 'Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.'

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