Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ex Babcock University student in viral s.e.x video gets international scholarship

A student of Babcock university who was involved in a leaked s.e.x tape that went viral last year  have reportedly been awarded a scholarship to study abroad.

The school management expelled her after a video showing her and an ex-student of the school having s.e.x surfaced on the internet.

According to a Nigerian medical doctor, Dr Ola Brown who took interest in the case after her expulsion from Babcock University, her scholarship in a foreign country has been fully paid.

He took to Twitter to break the news writing;


  1. Theres always a second chance

  2. Hian small girls will soon start uploading sex videos. U didn’t need to publicize this. She could have studied and come back with her achievements then u announce it. What this tells small girls is that sex video is equal to a foreign scholarship. Issorat!!

    1. Sound assessment.

    2. I truly agree with you, there's absolutely no need for this publication