Thursday, July 16, 2020

FFK reacts to police storming Joy Nunieh's house

Former Aviation minister, Fani Kayode has reacted to the police invasion of Joy's Numieh's house which took place as early as 4:00am this morning.

Reacting about the incident, FFK called it COWARDLY and SHAMEFUL. In two separate tweets, he wrote;

''Sending armed policemen to raid Joy Nunieh's home at 4.00am in the morning, putting her under house arrest & blocking her from leaving her house as she was scheduled to leave for the airport to travel to Abuja & testify before the Senate this morning is cowardly & shameful.

''Gov. Wike saved Joy Nunieh's life today. The police raid on her house at 4.00am was illegal & was NOT backed by a warrant or authorised by the I-G. It was simply an attempt to abduct & possibly kill her. Wike arrived on the scene, broke the siege & saved her life. I commend him.''