How we terrorized residents of Ibadan, Lagos, killed two persons — Suspect

At 23, Enioluwa Adedayo, popularly known as Judgement, had made himself a dreaded armed robber terrorizing residents of Ibadan, Oyo State, and parts of Lagos State as he brazenly robbed people on his motorbike at the early hours of the day and evenings. Judgment was so feared because he always killed any of his victims who dared to resist him.

The suspect, who started as a motorcycle thief in 2016 and grew into a notorious armed robber in 2018, had lost count of the number of armed robberies he took part in.

He however met his Waterloo in the hands of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, deployed to Ibadan Oyo State, to combat the rising spate of armed robbery in the state.

It was gathered that the IRT operatives, in Oyo State got information about Judgment’s activities in March 2020 after he and members of his gang attempted to rob a popular supermarket in Mokoya area of Ibadan and had a shootout with some soldiers on patrol. Judgment was said to have sustained injuries during the operation but he managed to escape from the scene.

The operatives who learnt that Judgment and his gang had been terrorizing residents of the state for a long time unchallenged therefore launched a manhunt for him.

After some months of searching, they caught him in the home of his girlfriend where he was receiving treatment. Judgment then led the operatives to arrest one of his gang members identified as Sunday Olubushe.

A source who gave Saturday Vanguard an insight into the criminal activities of Judgment said; “the three-man armed robbery gang had been terrorizing residents of Ibadan, Osun, and Lagos for a long time operating with motorcycles.

“The gang was led by Enioluwa Adedayo Alias Judgment, while Tunde Kasari was his second in command.

‘We have been on their trail for some time but in late March 2020, they went for a robbery operation at a supermarket at Mokoya area of Ibadan and before they got to Mokoya, Kasari had robbed a man of his handset.

“That was what drew the attention of some soldiers to them. When the soldiers accosted them, they had an exchange of fire but escaped from the scene on the motorbikes that brought them.

“Judgement went into hiding at his girlfriend’s house and we got information about him, we arrested his girlfriend who led us to him and we arrested him and recovered a locally made pistol and an expended cartridge.

“His arrest also led us to Sunday Olubushe also known as Ajegunle. In the course of our investigation, we discovered that after robbing victims of their phones, they would remove the sim cards and give it to one Sherif, who would then use the sim cards to hack into the victims’ bank accounts and steal their money.

“They would go out to rob at 5 am. Judgment and his gang stayed in a hotel in Ibadan from where they launched their attacks”.

In his confession, Judgment, a native of Osun State but who was born in Amuloko area of Ibadan, narrated his robbery operations:

“I started riding commercial motorcycle after I left secondary school and in the process, I met one Lekan also known as Corporal, who introduced me into armed robbery.

“We started by stealing motorcycles from where they were parked at night and we would sell them to our buyers. I stole so many bikes within Ibadan with Corporal within a year, before we switched into full time armed robbery.

“Our first armed robbery after we bought our guns was in Ikeri area of Osun State. We went to rob a man who we learned had a huge sum of money in his house.

“Six of us went for the operation with two motorcycles. Unfortunately for us we didn’t succeed in robbing the man as people in that area were quickly alerted and they chased us.

“I broke my leg in that operation and I was arrested and taken to the station, where I spent close to one month. I was later released when the pain from my injured leg was too severe and the people who took me to the station were not forthcoming.

“My gang members were taking care of me and would bring my own share of any money they made from their operations. I rejoined the gang when I fully recovered and we started doing ‘stop and search’.

“Whenever we saw people walking on the road we would stop them and search them with our guns and would take any valuable we found on them.

“We did this in the morning and in the evening all over Ibadan. In 2018, we got information of a house around airport area where the owner has huge amount of money.

“We mobilized and moved to the house but when we got there the owner of the house used a big iron to hit me on my head and I fell down and started bleeding.

“I then asked my boys to hold the man to the ground and I used a machete found in the man’s house and hacked the man to death. We were forced to abandon the operation as the man raised so much alarm and we left without getting the money we went looking for.

“The second person I killed was in March 2020. We attacked a woman running a beer parlor around 11pm in Ojo area. We were on ‘stop and search’ when we saw the woman trying to close for the day.

“We entered her shop, pointed a gun at her, and ordered everyone in the shop to lie on the ground. One of my boys known as Tunde grabbed the woman’s bag from her and when we were about leaving the woman switched off the light in her shop, poured drinks on my face, and held me and was trying to prevent me from escaping.

“I got infuriated and I opened fire on her and killed her on the spot. I also carried out some armed robbery activities in Lagos State. I did ‘stop and search’ in Lagos and robbed people of their valuables.

“In cases where we collected victims’ mobile phones and their ATM cards, we gave them to our internet banking hackers who would use the ATM and mobile phone to steal all the money in the victims’ bank accounts.

“I used to make close to N70,000 or N80,000 on each of my operation, but I spent all the money on women, clothes, and hotels. I don’t have a house,

“I stayed in hotels and the operators thought that I was an internet fraudster because of the way I was spending money in hotels. I regret all I have done and I hope the police will forgive me and give me a second chance”, he pleaded.


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