Wednesday, July 22, 2020

North Korea citizens told to eat terrapin by Kim Jong-un amid food shortages

North Korean citizens have been forced to eat terrapins due to food shortages.

The hermit kingdom has found itself in the grips of famine since tightening its borders even more than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The move has tipped many citizens over the edge into destitution, with millions having already been on the breadline for years due to governmental mismanagement and UN sanctions.

North Korean trade has been targeted due to leader Kim Jong Un's drive for nuclear weapons.

In a bid to help its citizens stave their hunger, the government's website Naenara has advised people to eat terrapins.

"From olden times, terrapin has been used in making haute cuisine for its good taste and abundant nutrient component," the website says, The Sun reported.

"It has various essential nutrient components including protein, essential amino acid and vitamin efficacious for curing hepatitis, hypertension and other diseases.

"Its blood, carapace and bone are widely used as materials of Koryo medicines.

"In particular, its blood is efficacious for diabetes and weak children."

It is recommended that terrapins are served raw or made into broths, stews or porridges.

The North Korean economy is having one of its worst years in recent history.