Sunday, July 5, 2020

Video/photos: Lady is poisoned by her friend for receiving an iphone 11 as a birthday gift

Nigerians are in shock and mourning a pretty young lady who celebrated her birthday yesterday but died shortly after.

Known as Deborah, her friends have taken to social media to share videos from her birthday party, which saw her very full of life and happy. They said she received an iphone 11 as a birthday gift and got poisoned shortly after by a close envious friend.

''Deborah celebrated her birthday yesterday and was poisoned by an envious close friend because she was gifted iPhone 11'', a twitter user said while sharing a video of her.


  1. RIP dear. It is a wicked world

  2. Her killer/killers won;t no peace until they confess. How can you kill a fine girl like this because of a mere gadget.