Thursday, July 16, 2020

Watch the shattering collision between two ships caught on camera [video]

Two huge ships were shown slamming into each other in shocking new footage of a brutal head-on collision.

Disaster struck as the two vessels approached each other in the Welland Canal, a key 26-mile shipping route that connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in Canada.

In the video, the Alanis and the Florence Spirit can be seen on a collision course before they crash in a cacophony of twisted metal.

In an agonizing build up, the boats are clearly on a collision course as they approach from opposite directions down the canal.

An alarm can be heard as they get closer and closer, but nothing can be done, and a deafening crashing is heard and they hit one-another head-on.

The Florence Spirit, the black boat and smaller of the two, scrapes down the side of the larger Alanis, before the two come to a halt and slowly drift towards the bank of the canal where the video is being recorded from.

Eye-witness Alex Stewart, 19, thought the cargo ships would pass safely at first, but then he heard the Alanis sound the alarm.

'We didn't think they were gonna crash but as soon as the red ship set off the panic alarm, we knew something was gonna happen,' he said. 'My thinking was like "oh c**p, are they actually gonna hit?'"

Incredibly, nobody was hurt in the crash.

The cause of the crash remains a mystery, with canal bosses saying that navigation conditions on the canal were normal at the time of the crash on Saturday.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is now investigating the collision. 'It's too early to tell what happened,' manager Line Laroche told local media.

'We will look at all of the data and do a deep investigation. Our mandate is not to find fault.'