Sunday, July 5, 2020

World’s most expensive face mask is $4,000

An Indian businessman has paid about $4,000 for possibly the world’s most expensive face mask.

It is a bespoke gold face mask to protect him from the coronavirus raging in the country.

However, the mask may not be as effective as the cheap ones in the market.

The precious metal covering weighs 60 grams (two ounces) and took craftsmen eight days to make, said businessman Shankar Kurhade, from the western city of Pune.

“It is a thin mask and has tiny pores that is helping me to breathe,” Shankar told AFP.

“I am not sure if it will be effective to protect me from a coronavirus infection but I am taking other precautions,” he added.

When going out, the 49-year-old said he likes to adorn himself with gold jewellery weighing a kilogramme, including a bracelet, necklace and rings on each finger of his right hand.

Kurhade — whose company makes industrial sheds — said he got the idea for the gold face mask after seeing a media report about a man wearing one made from silver.

“People are asking me for selfies,” he said.


  1. This is unnecessary. It is suicidal and not ideal for a facemask. It is glaring he won't be able to breath well.
    Mr Gold should have known by now that nobody looks at that any more. What really matters in life is worth more than silver and gold.
    Get closer to God and help the needy that way we would respect you more.
    So many people all over the world are suffering n only praying to get their daily food n u r here showing off. It is well with your soul Mr Gold!

  2. Vanity upon vanity. Some people are yet to learn

  3. Vanity upon vanity. Some people are yet to learn