Monday, August 24, 2020

Akin Alabi ''trolls'' those that didn't got to church yesterday

LMAO! Funniest lawmaker ever liveth. See eh, if you are not following Akin Alabi on Instagram, you are missing. Aside from his business angle, wealth of knowledge, the lawmaker from Oyo state is anturally funny!

In one of his recent posts he mocked himself saying, he has mastered the game of ''sucking'' his stomach once he sees a camera, meaning he has a big stomach and he knows it, lol.

And just yesterday, shortly after returning from church, the lawmaker shared a photo and prayed that ''God bless those of us that went to church today. 😁''. A prayer most of his followers didn't agree with, as many reversed it to favour them. 

One naughty followe said;  ''Amen sir and may he bless those of us that didn’t go more 😁''

Another added ''God bless those of us who didn't go too''. [Lol, how do you even want God to answer this prayer]