Saturday, August 1, 2020

How BBN's Kidd Waya will make his Billionaire dad be remembered by the world again

Well it's just a must 😂😂For lovers of the current edition of BBNaija, there is a name that constantly appears on the screen – name is Kidd Waya – son of Benue billionaire, Terry Waya.

For a while now, Waya has been very low key. He doesn’t rock the social scene like he used to many years ago.  Many will remember how he made waves with his 40th birthday party held in the United Kingdom, which had over 10 Nigerian governors in attendance.

But with his son’s involvement in the show, whether he likes it or not, he will be once again remembered.

Once Kidd Waya made it clear who his father was, all eyes turned on Terry Waya. People who have forgotten him suddenly remembered him and his good flamboyant lifestyle 

The younger Waya has been vibrant on the reality show. Although he has made it clear many times that he didn’t join BBNaija for the money, he is one of the contestants tipped for the grand prize.


  1. 10 governors flew to UK for his 40th birthday? 40th? Some people are just too rich

  2. It's obvious this one is not after the money

  3. Please help to educate this generation who Tery Waya is! He is not somebody that should be praised, he has displayed over the years horrible character, criminality and what have you. So please don't patronize him at all. Let sleeping dog lye.