Sunday, August 30, 2020

Oh No! Man tries to publicly r.a.p.e a woman on New York subway platform

A man has been filmed ‘attempting to r.a.p.e’ a woman, 25, on a platform of the New York subway.

The alleged attack took place around 11am on Saturday at the Q train station at Lexington Avenue and East 63 Street in Manhattan.

According to police, the woman was waiting for a train when the attacker approached and pushed her to the ground.

New York Police said: ‘The individual then climbed on top of the female and attempted to r.a.p.e her, but he stopped when a crowd of bystanders formed.’

In footage of the incident released by police in a bid to find the suspect, someone can be heard shouting, ‘Hey get off her!’

The man eventually gets off, picks up his sunglasses from the ground and walks away.

The woman was left with minor injuries but did not want medical attention.

The suspect fled the scene.

Police wrote on Twitter: ‘We’re seeking the public’s help finding this man, wanted for attempted rape after this brazen and brutal s.e.x.ual assault yesterday at the 63rd St / Lexington Ave station.