Thursday, August 6, 2020

Oh dear! Man is beaten to pulp after asking a man to wear a face mask [photos]

A father-of-two feared he would be killed after being knocked unconscious by two men brandishing baseball bats after asking one of them to wear a face mask in a laundry in France.

The shocking attack is the latest in a series of ‘mask rage’ assaults that have already claimed the life of a bus driver during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It was in Soisy-sous-Montmorency, a commuter town north of Paris, that the 44-year-old father was attacked.

Asked to be identified only as Augustin M., he said he had approached one of his attackers on Sunday afternoon because he was worried about the spread of Covid-19.

‘I asked him to put on his mask, but he refused,’ said Augustin, who was in a laundry in a Lidl supermarket car park. ‘The situation became tense.’

A verbal argument broke out, and a few minutes later one of the men involved returned with three friends, two of whom brandished baseball bats.

‘I was alone in the laundry room and this time two other men joined them,’ said Augustin.

They beat me up with baseball bats and I fell to the ground. They continued to hit me while I was on the ground and I passed out for a few minutes.’

Surveillance video posted online shows Augustin being hit repeatedly before he collapses on the floor.

His unidentified attackers then calmly left the laundry, while Augustin later filed a complaint to police for ‘aggravated violence’.

He suffered serious injuries led to him having to take six days off work, telling detectives that ‘I could have been killed!’

He was rushed to intensive care at the nearby Simone-Veil hospital and was diagnosed with a head trauma injury and severe bruising on the arms and legs.


  1. What if he was killed. Alerting the police would have been his best option

  2. Some people always taking Panadol to another headache

  3. This is nothing but wickedness