Saturday, August 29, 2020

Oritsefemi also speaks on celebrity marriages crashing

Singer Oritsefemi Ekele has also lend his voice on celebrity marriages crashing. According to him, both partners in a marriage must be open to each other. He also spoke about celebrity guys, saying they need to know once they are married, its a different game. He said;

“People say celebrity marriages don’t last but a Yoruba adage says, ‘If you can recognise a person in the afternoon, you won’t light a lamp to glance at them again at night.’ This simply means that when a couple knows each other very well, there is nothing that will be strange between them. It also means that an outsider’s opinion will not be welcome.

“Communication is important between couples. There should be nothing that a man can’t discuss with his wife and vice versa. If a couple keeps many secrets, there will be trouble. They need to be natural and free with each other. For instance, I’m open to my wife and she knows me well.

"When you are still single, there are some things that you can get away with, but that cannot continue after marriage. There should be a huge difference between when a celebrity is married and when single. The lifestyle of a married celebrity should be different from the days he was unmarried.’’

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