Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Photos: Ubi Franklin's youngest daughter is one today

The award for best dad in Nigeria should be given to Ubi Franklin. Biko, call him serial baby daddy, sharp shooter, whatever name, Ubi embraces his children even if they are just a year apart sometimes and from different women.

Recall how Ariella's mom had fought the music executive openly, swearing she was 100percent sure Ariella is his? Well, they settled behind the gram and that's beautiful, and as we can see, Ariella
 is her father's carbon copy. She came prepared!

As she clocks her first year on earth today, dotting dad (yea all over his children, don't ask us how many, we won't mention) took to Instagram to celebrate his youngest seed.

In one of the posts, he regrets borders are shut, which means he won't be able to be with her on her special day.


  1. A year already?
    Time flies...

  2. I remember how her mother fought for her. Child of destiny.

  3. Happy birthday to her

  4. After washing their dirty linens in public