Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Don't dare mourn me when I die, if you have never celebrated me.. Famous actor Mustapha Sholagbade WARNS

Nollywood actor, Mustapha Sholagbade has warned people who intend to mourn him when he dies saying, they shouldn't try it whenever death comes calling. He issued the warning on IG addressing fake friends.

He said anyone that dares it will receive electric slap from him even though he will be in his grave because he will see it and SEND the slap. 😂 He wrote;

“If I die today and you have never posted my photo on your wall before even on my birthdays, please don’t bother posting me after death cos I’m going to see it from my grave and I will throw electric slap from that grave 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠” .

He also went further writing this...

''Its Actually OKAY, to let people Mourn However they want to Mourn, but let's be Guided plssss...... We are All here Chasing Vanity ,Oppressing and doing all sort and we careless what the next second would be... We all Preach How VAIN this World Is Yet We all are Our own Problem,..You Preacher of Love with so much hatred in your heart.. A lot of Us dont care what tomorrow holds, we ONLY CARE ABOUT TODAY WHICH MAKES US SO EVIL AND BITTERED,.We Sit in the CORNER of our homes Judging other people by their Mistakes and Plotting Mischief for them,, one day one day ,just like in a twinkle an eye,its all just Gonna end.... Las Las ,I Hope we all know we will be left with OUR DEEDS IN THE GRAVE,......''.

BUT KI LO SELE GAAN GAAN. Who hurt him this much? 😂