Tuesday, September 22, 2020

'3 Lambos on your wrist''! Nigerians react as Malivelihood puts up N460m wrist watch for sale

Mad o, me sef fo, lol. Nigerians have reacted after Nigeria's luxury designer Malivehood put up a $1m wrist watch up for sale. That's N460m. While reacting and screaming about the price of the wrist watch and how uniquely beautiful the watch is, many said that's 3 Lamborghinis on his wrist. You def no where the Lamborghini joke is coming from, lol.

But wait o, that's N460m? Mad ooo Lol... More reactions below...

''Just! Just! Just! 😑N460,000,000 Just! Just! This is why I don’t like wearing fake watches, see the original now. And some fools will be claiming with the 100k own and my ear no go rest and they will be pouring my champagne on the fake watch.

''And one instagram vendor call this one 15k o.. chai

''3 lambos on ur wrist cheee!!

''$1m just, Lord pick up my callπŸ˜‚

''Today’s exchange rate 465mill. This life no fit balance πŸ˜‚

''Just $1m you are kidding me right

'Yo I have a business venture for you can I borrow that right quick I swear I’ll bring it back

''Just 😊 ?

''He said JUST for $1m even the $1 self I no get πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

''Woah 1 milli

''You the real plug ❤️

''Just $1million thats wat am praying for''