Monday, September 21, 2020

An hour after Ozo left, Nengi gets cozy with Laycon in Jacuzzi

Big Brother Housemate Ozo was evicted from the house a few hours ago after his supporters couldn’t vote to save him from eviction.

After Ozo left the house, Nengi was seen shedding uncontrollable tears. Housemates Dorathy and Laycon consoled her and begged her to stop crying.

But an hour after, Big Brother gave housemates the chance to use the jacuzzi in the garden. Nengi was also seen in the jacuzzi. 

She and Laycon were hugging, getting cozy and playing with one another almost looking like nothing had earlier happened. More photos below...


  1. Please tell biggie to send her black mourning outfit and shave her head. Because her husband died abi? Hilarious caption. Smh

  2. She doesn't like him like that. That's life joor