Monday, September 21, 2020

Blackface talks about his divorce from wife and how he will never retire from music

A former member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz group, Augustine Ahmedu, popularly known as Blackface in this interview with Mobola Sadiq speaks about his divorce from wife, how his kids live with him, how he is yet to reach the peak of his career and how he will never retire from music. Enjoy!

How do you get ideas for your songs?

My inspiration comes every day from my environment, the people I see, the things I read, and what I see on television. It is a spontaneous thing.

What are the most fulfilling moments of your music career?

My music career is still going on, so I do not have a most fulfilling moment yet. I am still trying to get to my goals. The world will know me. People will recognise that I am the best that has come out so far. Since I started with Plantashun Boiz, I have come to change Nigeria’s music industry. Those who tried to stop me have found out they could not succeed.

Why do you think there are cabals that don’t want you to be successful?

Firstly, I speak the truth and not everyone likes the truth, so I am a problem for those that do not like to hear the truth. Those people will go all out to bring me down. 

When do you want to retire from music?

I am not ready to retire from music at all. Even if I am dying, I would still sing.

Are your kids toeing your career path?

I have not pressured my children about their career paths for now. I want them to grow up and finish their education before they think of what profession to do. However, my son can rap while my daughter can sing. Music is in their blood.

Have you remarried?

No, I have not. I am married to my music for now. After my divorce, I have not got married to any lady. Music is a big wife for me now.

You were married for eight years. What led to your divorce?

Everything is God’s plan. She has come and gone; it was just time.

Are you thinking of getting married again?

I just want to concentrate on my music for now. If I see somebody I am interested in, I would propose to her and if the answer is ‘yes’, perhaps, we could then get married. However, marriage is not in my thoughts for now.

What category of artistes do you fall into?

I fall into the category of musicians that people want to come around. I am the type that looks out for people and I’m also interested in what is going on in their lives. I am just like an overseer. Some people do not like the fact that I am loved. Those people wish that they are in my shoes. But it cannot be like that for them because God has different plans for everyone.

Have you always experienced this much hatred or did it begin when you started your music career?

Hatred is a normal phenomenon and almost all music artistes experience it. Some wish they have my voice and style. Some have even gone diabolical. One is either a threat or a competition. That is why we all must be careful in all our doings. I am just thankful to God for His protection and guidance.

How is your relationship with other music artistes?

I have many music artistes as friends. This does not mean that we should plan things together. We all have our individual lives. When we are very cordial with one another and when we have joint projects to do, we do it. I think we should all get used to being alone sometimes. It is normal for a man, so I don’t get myself worried. I am also a businessman and I am always in my office. You don’t see me everywhere because I only go for social events that are very important to me.

How would you describe your relationship with your children?

I am the best father they can have. I am very good friends with my children and they are very close to me. My children live with me but when I am not around, they go to their mother.


  1. What kind of a woman will stay married to this unforgiving idiot

  2. He will not retire from music but music has retired from you.