Friday, September 25, 2020

Ex-Banker sues... claims she was constantly s3xually harassed by her s.e.x-obsessed boss

A junior analyst at an investment bank was regularly harassed by her s3x-obsessed boss and was fired shortly after she caught him masturbating in a conference room, according to an explosive lawsuit.

Logan Williams, who worked as a first-year analyst in the New York office of Marathon Capital, claims that her ex-boss, managing director Chuck Hinckley, regularly screamed at her to “shut up,” shared unwelcome details about his s3x life and got too close to her at the office during the pandemic.

Williams, a Coast Guard veteran and Columbia grad, also names Marathon’s chief executive Ted Brandt in the complaint filed in the US Southern District of New York, claiming he ran a “boy’s club” at Marathon, which had 10 men and no women on its senior leadership team.

While one director called Williams “little missy,” another told her she needed to be “more ladylike,” according to court papers. She was also “inappropriately ogled by a supervisor” at the firm who, according to the suit, “just stared at her breasts during conversations.” Brandt himself asked Williams to “invite her model friends to the firm’s Christmas party,” the suit claims.

Williams claims Hinckley regularly complained that his wife no longer had s3x with him, making him a regular user of so-called “sugar daddy” s3x web sites. Throughout the pandemic, Williams says she went into the office to work with Hinckley. He lived in Connecticut but during the week stayed in a New York hotel, which he allegedly used to “entertain prostitutes,” according to the suit.

On July 13, Williams allegedly texted Brandt and operating chief Philippe Lavertu that she planned to work from home more because Hinckley had forced her to share an office and followed her if she moved around, invading her space.

Ten days later, Williams says she told Hinckley she was coming into Marathon’s Midtown office at 450 Lexington Ave. to pick up some things and show him a presentation. Upon entering a conference room that Hinckley had taken over as his personal office, Williams says that she found her boss masturbating and “observed an extremely surprised look” on his face.

As Hinckley was “desperately trying to push his penis back into his pants with his left hand,” the suit claims he “was simultaneously moving his computer mouse with his right hand, apparently in an effort to close whatever was open (probably pornography) on his screen.”

A short time after, Hinckley “called out to Ms. Williams and – acting like nothing had happened – insisted that she sit down with him to discuss work matters with her for over an hour,” according to the suit.

Williams attached to her complaint text messages she claims show that she immediately reached out to multiple people about the incident. “Pants down and all?” one managing director replied. “Hostile work environment.” “Omg hahaha,” another executive replied.

Williams also contends that she reported the incident to senior management and HR, prompting an investigation.

A month later, Williams texted Brandt and Laverut, writing, “you are bank rolling a hotel for the bankers to bring young prostitutes, and your friends are masturbating in front of me.” She also challenged Brandt’s protection of Hinckley, typing “Ted, he can’t even keep his wiener out of his hand from 9 to 5.”

Two days later, Williams was fired.

“It is unfortunate that our former employee has resorted to making baseless allegations that are nothing more than a desperate attempt to extract an undue payment,” a Marathon spokesperson said in a statement, declining to comment further.


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