Saturday, September 26, 2020

Another fire STRUCK in Kogi barely 2 days after one killed 23

Barely two days after a tanker fire burnt 23 people to death in Kogi State, another fire tragedy struck the state again in the late hours of Friday.

A multi-million naira electronic plaza in Lokoja, the state capital identified as Peelinks was completely razed by fire.

Reportedly, the electronic plaza was gutted by fire around 11:50 pm on Friday as residents were helpless to the situation.

The said building is only a stone throw away from the office of the Federal Fire Service, yet there was no help from the firefighters.

Eyewitness at the scene of the incident were only subjected to lamentation. An anonymous eyewitness lamented saying that the plaza is someone’s life investment burning. He said the entire electrical plaza has been burnt and asked what someone has to do to survive?

Another resident lamented that despite the proximity of the fire service no help was rendered in quenching the fire.

Peelinks electronic world limited, located along Muritala Muhammed way, close to GT Bank Junction, Lokoja, is the biggest electronic plaza in Kogi state and serves the need of both government and individuals.

Recall that on Wednesday, 23 people were burnt to death in Kogi State after a tanker fire. It lead to the Kogi government declaring two days of mourning for those who lost their lives in the tragedy.