Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Helen Paul studying to become a professor in U.S.

TV show host, and comedienne, Helen Paul, is currently taking a postdoctoral study in an undisclosed university in America.

According to The Nation, Helen is on the verge of becoming a professor barely a year after emerging Nigeria’s first popular stand-up comedian to bag a Doctorate Degree.

The ‘Jara’ co-host completed her Ph.D. programs in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos in 2019.

A source close to her told the Publication; “Yes, Helen Paul has been shuttling between Nigerian and the US for some months now. While studying to become a Professor, she is also working as a lecturer in one of the institutions in the US. She is really an inspiration to this generation because combining these academic feats with her comedy career in Nigeria is no child’s play.”


  1. All the best to her

  2. Congratulations to her.

    The Nation you need to do better, you don't study to become a professor. It is through teaching from Assistant professor then Associate professor then you become a professor... publications, peer reviewed publications/journals, research et al.