Monday, September 21, 2020

I am actually not a bad boy, Pretty Mike talks about WHO HE REALLY IS

Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike has said a lot of people take guys who act being bad on social media as really bad, but the truth is that most of them are not bad and the guys showing only the good sides of them are the real pretenders and the real bad dudes.

Mike made this known today on his Instagram handle while explaining he is a good guy and well, a husband material too, lol. He wrote;

''So I had this conversation with one of my friend’s wife, who has been trying to hook me up with her friend about my online personality and she said, it’s usually a difficult thing, explaining my personality to her friends, because Dey all think I’m a “BadBoy,womanWrapper,PlayBoy” 🙈🤣, because of the things I post.

The irony is, some of you should actually be worried about ur guys who do not post offensive shit, Dey are the actual scums/playboy,and 9 out of 10 times are the ones sponsoring Orgy parties around Lagos🧐.

You see people like me, it’s just a meme for us, I can post things like “I’m fucking someone’s babe” right now, meanwhile I’m just chilling in my bedroom watching Netflix. That’s the whole idea, to mislead y’all 🤣 .......because you are not supposed to know me like that, when I’m not Ozo 🙈🤣..#Husbandmaterial''