I want to be better than my father Jide Kosoko – Bidemi


Bidemi Kosoko is one actress that has had her fair share of controversies in the entertainment industry. However, the actress has described controversies as inevitable in the movie industry.

Also according to the actress, she wants to surpass the achievements of her father, Prince Jide Kosoko, in the movie industry because children “are meant to be better than their parents”. Kosoko is one of the most respected actors in Nollywood. 

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the actress said, “I regret nothing so far and I cannot remember anything I wished I had done in the early days of my career that I didn’t do. Some of the things that have helped me to come this far include my belief in constant learning and improving my craft at every given time. I always want to be better than my last performance and I think that has helped me stand out.

“I would say that being the daughter of a veteran actor, Prince Jide Kosoko, didn’t help me in terms of popularity and in helping me to get favour in the movie industry. I don’t get jobs because I am a Kosoko, I get movie roles because some directors and producers see my capabilities and talent and need them. Nonetheless, in some cases, my father’s name has opened doors for me and also given me soft landings where there might have been difficulties.  I don’t know people’s expectations regarding my career, but I intend to be better than Jide Kosoko. Aren’t children meant to be better than their parents?

“About controversies and rumours, immediately I understood that the aforementioned topics are inevitable in this job, I started to pay less or no attention to them. People will always talk, whether you do or you don’t. So why should I bother myself?”

Speaking about rivalries in the entertainment industry and why some actors preferred to marry their colleagues, Bidemi noted, “Some actresses are considered as rivals and some have even declared it openly, but I do not have a rival and I am not in a competition with anyone. Rivalry only builds hatred and there is too much hatred in the world; we need love and peace.  When it also comes to the choice of a lifetime, everyone should do what they think will work for them; there’s no ‘go-to manual’ when it comes to marriage. One man’s food is another man’s poison.”



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