Wednesday, September 2, 2020

MotoGP rider gets engaged to his step sister following secret 11-year relationship

Miguel Oliveira, a bike racer in the sport popularly known as MotoGP has gotten engaged to his step sister Andreia Pimenta, his dad has revealed. 

The couple, who have known each other since they were 13, had a secret relationship for 11 years before going public in 2019.

Pimenta, 24, is the daughter of Oliveira's father's second wife Cristina and it was the driver's dad Paulo who revealed the exciting news.

He said: "I'm happy that my son is getting married to the woman of his life."

Oliveira himself previously opened up about falling for his step-sister before admitting they had planned to wed this year.

The Portuguese said: “Before love there was a great friendship. We grew up together.

“At some point we realized that it was more than a friendship, it is a very strong love.

“We were going to get married this year, but that weekend I had a race and we had to postpone it next year.”

The lastest news means 24-year-old Oliveira has been celebrating on and off the track.

It comes after he won the MotoGP prize at the Styria Grand Prix for the first time in the history of Portuguese motorcycling.