Music executive, Audu Maikori loses dad


Music executive, Audu Maikori has lost his father, Mallam Adamu Maikori at the age of 78.

Taking to his Facebook page to mourn his late dad, Audu wrote;

”I guess there’s no good way to say this – but with utmost sadness but gratitude to God , it’s difficult to announce the death of my father – Mallam Adamu A Maikori who passed away on Tuesday the 8th of September 2020 at the age of 78.

 Everything I am is shaped in no small measure by this man. He was a lawyer , teacher , served his country as a Flight Cadet in the Nigerian Air Force between 1965 to 1967 , served as Director of Public Prosecutions in the Ministry of Justice of Kaduna state

( when Kaduna and katsina were still one state) , chief Registrar of the Kaduna High Court , and just when he was to be elevated to the judiciary as a judge – he switched lanes and moved to the private sector. Left Kaduna and relocated to Lagos where he worked as an Executive in Nigerian Merchant Bank between 1981- 1987 , then co-founded North South Bank between 1988 to early 1990’s . He later returned to his legal practice – AA Maikori and Co. the above are just broad highlights of his impressive career.

He taught me about hardwork, integrity, honesty and most importantly the place of God in my life.

 Even my foray into entertainment was closely influenced by his love for music and that of my late mother. He was actually a choirmaster!

He leaves behind a loving wife (our second mother )Mrs Esther Maikori ,5 children and three grandchildren. But his spiritual children are countless.

 I recall something he used to say when I was growing up He said to me “ I don’t care what you do- just be the best at it – even if you are going to be a thief – be so good that they won’t catch you “. He clearly wasn’t trying to encourage me to steal!! But you get the point.

 I love you Dad , mentor , spiritual teacher and music sensei. I know you are resting with the Lord Jesus Christ and God the father for eternity!”



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