Single lady brags about getting her dates to pay by pretending she forgot her purse at home


A cheeky singleton admitted to going out with men to get free food.

Lindsay spoke about the “dinner for dates” trend, which involves letting blokes pay the bill when you have no intention of seeing them again.

The 28-year-old admitted: “I find many men on Tinder are mainly just after a quick fling, a one-night stand or a booty call.

“So, I take advantage of this, well… of them because I am after a free dinner, or lunch, or really any meal at all.

“Often the men that are attempting to cater to their self interests are willing to be generous spenders in order to get them to that point.

“This never happens in my situation though – I, of course, get mine but they definitely don’t get theirs.”

So how does Lindsay manage to get away with not paying her share of the bill?

The singleton says she deliberately “forgets” the bill.

Her dates are often there to pick up the tab – and she’s certainly not shy in purchasing expensive items on the menu.

Lindsay added: “I figure if they had a major issue with paying they would say so before I added even more to the tab, but I think there has only ever been one guy that ever said something.”

Lindsay’s biggest dinner and drinks bill on a date came to over £550 between the two of them.

But far from feeling guilty about rinsing men’s wallets, the singleton believes she’s doing them a favour.

If blokes are disappointed about not sleeping with her, she says they’ll soon learn their lesson about not jumping to conclusions.

She added: “(It’s) a good way to teach these creeps a thing or two about what dating actually is”.

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