Monday, September 28, 2020

Spanish street TURNS RED after winery tank gets damaged

A Spanish winery lost around 50,000 litres of red wine after a tank got damaged.

Dramatic photos posted on social media shows a huge quantity of wine flooding outside the Vitivinos wineries, located in Villamalea, Albacete.

From the photos it was not only the place where the container burst, but also the street near by was full of red wine.

Photos from the scene have gone viral.

The photos were reportedly taken by employees who were unable to act and stop the spillage.

According to its website, the Vitivinos winery was founded in 1969, with a production of 6,000,000 kilos of grapes.

According to local media, the spillage happened due to the breaking of "a vat", a kind of tank where the liquor is.