This woman lives as a puppy and now makes money from it


A former optician who has a fetish for acting like a dog is making six figures a month off her puppy playing videos in which she barks, crawls on all fours, and chews toys and she isn’t the only woman who is drawn to the sexual subculture. 

Jenna Phillips, 21, from Austin, Texas, is best known as ‘Puppy Girl Jenna’ on TikTok, where she has earned more than 196,000 fans since March, thanks to her playful videos that show her doing everything from being walked on a leash to getting scolded for ‘peeing’ on the floor. 

She took advantage of her online fame to launch a lucrative gig on her Only Fans page, which earns her thousands of dollars a month. She admitted that she has been surprised by her sudden success. 

‘It’s insane,’ she said. ‘I never thought my weird dog kink would be looked at by a broad audience, or that so many people would like/care about it. It still blows my mind.’

In her most recent TikTok video, she can be seen excitedly panting and crawling across the kitchen as she makes her way toward her food and water bowls that sitting in a rack on the floor. 

After taking a few bites of dog food, she tips the rack over with her teeth. She begins suggestively licking the food off of the ground and then spitting it out while eyeing up the camera. 

Another that has been viewed over 1.1 million times shows Jenna on all fours and wearing a metal leash at an outdoor restaurant as she begs her ‘owner’ for table food. After he finally acquiesces, he gives her a bite of his leftover steak. 

Puppy play is a subculture of BDSM in which a person or persons act like young dogs. The sexual subculture is more prevalent in the queer community, and some participants like to wear masks, hoods, muzzles, leashes, and other gear.     

In a recent interview, Jenna explained that she just feels ‘like a dog’ and has always enjoyed acting like one.   

‘I just want to roll around, play fetch, get head scratches, run around and play. All of that,’ she said. ‘I have always acted like a puppy but not in a sexual way at first. I used to pretend I was a puppy when I was growing up.

‘I really love praise. I love hearing “good girl.” It makes my heart melt every time,’ she added. ‘Looking back on it now, it’s kind of always been there. I just didn’t know there was a scene, I just thought it was my personality.’

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