Thursday, September 24, 2020

Tragic! Dog bites owner to death as he desperately tries to bring him back during epileptic seizure

A loyal dog accidentally bit his owner to death as he desperately tried to bring him round during an epileptic fit, an inquest heard.

Bronson, the Staffordshire bull terrier, was destroyed by firearms officer after he refused to leave owner Jonathan Halstead, 35, or let anyone near him to offer medical assistance.

The protective pet dragged Jonathan under the bed in an apparent bid to shelter him before growling aggressively at Mr Halstead's father and paramedics.

Eventually after a stand off, a firearms officer was summoned to the family home Mr Halstead shared with his parents in Shaw, near Oldham, Greater Manchester and Bronson was destroyed.

Despite the tragic rescue operation Bronson's master was already dead before he could be taken to hospital. Tests showed Mr Hastead had died as a result of accidental bite wounds inflicted on his neck by his distressed dog.

An inquest heard the engineer described as a "proud family man" had suffered epilepsy since he was ten and acquired Staffordshire Bull Terrier/ Bull Mastiff cross Bronson in 2013 when he was a puppy.