Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Youtube to host DJ Cuppy September 24th

Cuppy is getting all the accolades... well she has being getting them, and it never seems to stop. She is more recognized than some Nigerian entertainers by just being a DJ and she hasn't taken that privilege for granted. 

And on the 24th of September, Youtube Music will be hosting  an intimate ''cuppy chat'' where more about the disc jockey will be revealed.


  1. Her father's money paving ways for her

  2. I have no hate for the girl but it's her dad's money

    Sorry there is nothing she has done to get all these gigs.

    It shows money talks and its very sad. I am not hating. I dont care to hate .. the truth is the truth.

    She is preventing real talent from being recognized. She is a beautiful girl but the truth is she has NO TALENT

  3. Anonymous 23:23 There is no one on Earth that doesn't have talent