Monday, October 26, 2020

BBN winner Laycon pays for treatment of sickle cell patients

Aww BBN winner, Laycon is actually behaving like a president they have been calling him.

So Laycon went to Sickle Cell Foundation Idiaraba and paid for treatments of sickle cell patients.

This was revealed by Twitter user, Ekun Bolaji.

Ebun in a post thanking Laycon. revealed her cousin was told to pay little cash for her son -- who is a sickle cell patient when she went to the facility because Laycon had given them money to treat sickle cell patients.

She wrote; “My cousin took her son to sickle cell foundation idiaraba to get drug for her son , she was told to pay little amount of money cos Laycon gave them money to treat SS patient. She cried and she was so happy cos her president love them. Thanks Laycon”.