Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Celebrities, socialites, elites, businessmen and women celebrate Pretty Mike as he turns a year older

Yes, that headline is no joke, lol. The whole of Nigeria is celebrating Pretty Mike today, atleast those that matter in a particular sector!

From celebrities -- musicians, actors and actresses, to socialites, business men and women, Instagram is on fire for Pretty Mike and it's no joke.

They say he has a good heart, hence the celebration. Ever notice he never stops celebrating poeple on his page too? On a daily? Well he's getting an overdose today and we are excited for him.

Though the Nightlife King has said he won't be celebrating today because of what just happened in the country-- youths paying for their lives in protests held across the country asking the Nigerian Government to put an end to police brutality.

He said instead, he will be visiting victims -- those lucky to be alive, at home and in hospitals.

He then hinted ofcourse, he would be dropping something for them. 

While stating clearly that it will be a low key celebration; Mike wrote;

''Happy Birthday To’s meant to be a day of Celebration and Joy, but I have chosen to dedicate today to our fallen Heroes in this struggle and movement for a better nation,...... I will also be visiting our wounded in there Various hospitals and homes to stretch out a helping hand to there needs and wants ..... I am pleased and humble that the Lord has blessed me so much that I can also uplift others..... “We Rise by lifting Others” 🙏🏽''