Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Convo of lady in love with with her ex-boyfriend's brother leaked

Lmaoo... let me follow write am too. Lmaooo... so a conversation of a lady in love with her ex-boyfriend's brother has been leaked online, and her girlfriend in whom she sought advise told her to go ahead. Even the girl dey fear. As long as this is a Nigerian family, we all know how it will end.

So only one girl, who has had the elder brother, is about to start having the younger brother too?

Lmao, these boys have their mom o, sisters o. Madam in love, can you accept it too? One girl to come and scatter your family just because SHE is in love. How will your ex feel.

Even western world -- some of them still frown at it. Leave civilization pleaseeeee...

Screenshots from their chat below...