Thursday, October 22, 2020

#EndSARS: 2Face and Blackface come for each other

2face and one of his former band mates, Blackface have come for each other on social media.

Why the fresh fight? It's because of #EndSARS. The still relevant singer -- 2face had asked Nigerians to stay home and ignore work until #EndSARS demands are meant.

He made the call on twitter, with many agreeing with him. Not happy about 2Face's wirds, Blackface decided to come for him and even suggested he didn't make use of his brain.

2Face however didn;t let it slide this time around as the singer gave it back to him. Their exchange all below, lol.
''I wonder why everybody is still going to work. We need total shutdown until this politicians start to answer!!Unless them wan use sars come pursue us go work


#EndPoliceBrutality #endimpunity #endlooting

Make only market for essential things dey.'', 2face had tweeted.

Blackface then responded; ''When e bad pass like this under PDP you no talk say make them close our country down, you been dey sing say you dey feel like Obasanjo…because you dey under their payroll abi wetin ? My guy this your point no valid,I no believe say you reason before you talk am Flag of Nigeria''

Firing back at him, 2Face described his former bandmate as an “idiot”.

''@Blackfacenaija Austin ahmedu u are a total idiot. Fuck u and all u are. Stupidity kee u there.''