Wednesday, October 21, 2020

EndSARS: Buhari has failed - Boxing champ, Kamaru Usman

Nigerian Mixed Martial Art champion, Kamaru Usman has said President Buhari has failed after the reported shooting of EndSARS protesters yesterday in Lekki.

He lamented about the ongoing situation in the country stating that Buhari and the government has failed Nigeria.

In a sober video posted on his Twitter handle titled it “We need you now more than ever President Buhari”, Usman said what is going on in the country is tough and that all the killing and destruction ongoing in Nigeria has set the country back. Listen to the video below...


  1. The sooner you understand that Buhari is too old to rule, is already showing symptoms of dementia which makes it easy for those around him to take advantage of him, the better. Those around him will never allow you know,because, for one, they are enjoying wielding the power that wasnt given to them, and for another, they would never allow Osinbajo steer the reins of the country. As far as they are concerned, rulership of Nigeria is a northern birthright. So you will never see Buhari come out except to read their written speeches that last for at most,one minute. He is not totally aware of all that is going on. Sometimes he is on the road, sometimes he's off it. You're wasting your time waiting for him. What you should be doing now is thinking strategically of how you can get him to come out in public- so that it can show glaringly to the world, to Nigerians, that he is not fit to rule anymore. But to do that, you must be smart. Because those surrounding him will hold on tight so that it never happens. Nigerias soul is in their hands. They are the ones who are the real problem of Nigeria. The cabal.