Wednesday, October 28, 2020

EndSARS:The only people I pity are the poor - Caroline Hutchings

Nollywood actress, Caroline Hutching has said that the only people she pities during the entire #EndSARS protest are the poor.

Caroline Hutching explained that when things get out of control in the country, the rich have passports to run away unlike the poor who have no means to run.

She wrote;

    “So much that I want to say .. history will teach you a lot .. the only people I pity are the poor .. forget all the ranting on social media, some of us have our passports ready to elope…

   Some of us can’t speak up because we still consider the contracts with our political friends, it is all about our pockets. Some of us can’t talk because we really do not care since our kids were birth abroad.

 So much I want to say .. but here I am weeping in silence .. I wish I could turn it around.”


  1. You are very stupid to think that traveling abraod is a sign of wealth, there are many who are living large here in Nigeria more than those abroad...that your sugar daddy is paying the bills doesnt mean you are better than others...even with their passports was any one able to leave Nigeria during covid19 lockdown...mrs rich woman before you fly to the moon, how many people from your family can hit their chest and say if not for you...Ode

  2. SMH Caroline. You crossed the line