Have Lagosians started taking Sanwo Olu for GRANTED?


Let’s talk to ourselves. Ever since the protests started across the country, Lagos State Governor Sanwo Olu has been in the forefront of wanting peace and giving a listening ear. He went as far as travelling to Abuja to see the President and table our grievances.

Yesterday, shortly after the President’s speech, someone tweeted at the Governor asking if he could summarize all the President said and he replied saying ‘I can’t‘.

Then another person, tweeted at him and asked if the Number one citizen of the State was ‘mad‘. Well he simply replied ‘No‘.

We are the ones saying we want a friendly Government, we want those we can talk to as friends. But then, we go ahead and insult them, as far as asking if they are MAD? Let’s be honest, we are all humans and have blood flowing through our veins.

Some of us, if a younger person dares ask if we are mad, the person will receive the hottest slap of his life, not only that he will get punished and hated too, why? Because he is younger and was rude, you get?

This is just wrong. This man is trying to be friendly as much as he can, PLEASE DON’T LET US PUSH HIM AWAY. Truth is, we saw how some past Governors never cared. Can you even see them face to face.

In one state, we saw how the Governor ignored protesters and NOTHING HAPPENED. Abeg let’s do everything with moderation. 


  1. But that’s it, give an inch they take a mile. Ask me if we can ask our parents if their siblings are mad without receiving a slap. We are truly rude.


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