Sunday, October 4, 2020

I caught my estranged wife with a married man in bed – FFK

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has explained how he caught his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu with another man in bed.

He was reacting to a viral video posted by Sahara Reporters portraying him as abusing his wife.

But Fani-Kayode, on Saturday in series of tweets said the viral video was nothing but a propaganda, saying that there was no physical abuse on his wife.

He explained that in the video, he simply took the phone from her to stop her from recording him after catching her in bed with a married man days earlier.

Fani-Kayode said he had never physically abused his estranged wife.

He wrote: “Sahara Reporters posted a video which supposedly depicts me abusing my estranged wife. This is nothing but a propaganda video.

“There was no physical abuse. I simply took the phone from her to stop her from recording me after catching her in bed with a married man days earlier.

“I repeat, there was no physical abuse whatsoever and she had been insulting and subjecting everybody, including family members, staff and children, to physical and verbal abuse the whole day. As usual, it was a nightmare.

“My words in the video are self explanatory. I urge those that watched it to listen to those words carefully. I told her that everyone wanted peace except for her and all she did was indulge in scandal after scandal. I have never physically abused my estranged wife.”


  1. Did you or did you not abused that news reporter yes or no. Good morning and happy Sunday

  2. Can this old man with little morals nor regards for anyone shut his mouth up and respect the integrity of his family???
    How can anyone be so vain and stupid at this age?
    All dez are lies just to rubbish this girl. Apparently, it's dawned on her that this isn't an easy man to be with and she's probably no longer as star-struck as she was and he can't handle that.
    If she's committed an offence beyond pardon, quietly put her away instead of all dez nonsense denigrating comments about her mental state and accusing her falsely. When she was going up and supporting u in court when EFCC was dragging u around, she wasn't mad nor a cheat. Abeg, commot for my front. Oloshi man. Go and marry another one.

  3. Why is it that Nigerian men are quick to accuse their spouses of infidelity the minute she decides to take a walk from the rubbish marriage. Oga go work on yourself, he certainly is the problem here.

  4. She is your FOURTH WIFE Fani. If there is anything wrong, it must be with you

  5. She's a fine woman. Men are naturally tempted to try.