Monday, October 5, 2020

“I have covered my estranged wife’s madness for over 7 years to protect my children” – Femi Fani Kayode

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode has revealed that he has been enduring the madness of his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu for 7 years because of his children.

Fani took to Twitter to reveal the dark things Precious allegedly did while married to her and accused her of lying about him to the media to defame him.

According to the politician, he wants to keep his life private and did not want to talk about his marriage but his hand was forced as a result of the damaging scandals geared towards the destruction of their children’s in the future.

He tweeted,

“I have chosen to take the high horse and I refuse to allow my estranged wife to turn the affairs of my personal life into a public circus. If she has any issues let her use the right medium as a responsible adult and mother and stop secretly feeding the media with damaging scandals geared towards the destruction of our children’s future.

 “I have kept quite in order to protect my children, I have covered all her madness over the past 7 years & not once did I expose her. But the facts are there & the witnesses & evidence are readily available for the courts. I broke my silence yesterday only because my hand has been forced. Rather than focusing on the problem of brutality & evil plaguing our country, or the myriad of other issues holding citizens hostage, some people would prefer to spread and partake in what amounts to celebrity gossip & chopped videos. Who in Nigeria does this benefit? What is the use?

 “Those involved in this smear campaign are begging for further responses which I will not give them. My private relationship & any disagreements therein are just that: PRIVATE & I have learned my lesson on feeding into parasocial media culture. My children & their dignity comes first & I refuse to help these individuals tarnish their image any further. The ringleader of this media scandal and his/her collaborators may continue polluting news sites & blogs with spam & begging for crumbs of attention with wild tales as long as they wish.

    “Acting is a professional field all on its own but thankfully so is law. Any & all videos, testimonies, documentation & other evidence coming from my end will only be displayed in court, where this issues can be resolved once and for all. If this person speaks the truth, they will be happy to meet me there, instead of peddling stories. My next tweets and posts will be focused solely on relevant issues. Thank you.


  1. Enough of this nonsense. FFK's friends should call him to order.

  2. The world knows the truth. He needs to stop trying too hard

  3. Basket mouth don start to leak again

  4. Idiotic mam Are u tired? Continue disgracing urself thinking u're hurting her. She's a very young woman. She'll heal with time and move on. Continue shaming urself. See how u're disgracing a young girl who went with u despite the insults people neted out on her, calling her a gold-digger. Yes de money may have played a role at de start but there's no doubt she truly loved you and believed in u. This was a girl that came to limelight when she was openly appearing in court when EFCC was dragging u around. How can u forget all dat? If she truly misbehaved, why not quietly put her away and allow her go with her dignity? What is all this stupid, shameless talk upandan?